I, pragmatic

by Alan Cyment

Nonsense. Childish. I keep falling into my own mental traps and putting the idealism cart in front of the reality horse. I did it again. Today, minutes ago.

I’ve recently began reading on zen and taoism. Beautiful. Perfectionism redefined: perfection exists, yet you will never get there. Nevertheless, take a step today towards it. How? Trying. Trying to do what? Seeking balance, acknowledging that equilibrium is ephemeral. Balance among what? Appealing concepts. Romantic images. Sensual notions, such as idealism and pragmatism.

Why can’t I make it? I dare say I lack the necessary patience. I cherish the destination, disregarding the beauty of the hike. The loftier the expectation, the gloomier the disenchantment. Pleasure seems to be all about marrying dreams with people, concepts with tangible things.

We knowledge workers are hired in order to build previously non-existant, malleable products. Malleable systems have a tendency to be complex, organic, life-like entities. Malleable systems require a malleable way of working. Work, teams, people developing malleable systems can only bloom when treated as such. And yet we keep lamenting for the lack of a collaborative spirit there is in the workplace. Trust, the irritable muse we all desire, will forever dance further away the windy path. Recognize it and enjoy the arduous trek of gaining and fostering reliance. Relish the bricolage and believe me, you will most probably become less agile than tomorrow.